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The Saints played Ventura Missionary School’s 8th-grade basketball team Wednesday, January 24 at 5:10 pm at their home gym off of Foothill. It was sobering driving up and seeing leftover fire damage and the missing houses; please continue to pray for the broken lives to be put back together. This was a hard-fought game.

The Saints came out on a 13 to 9 run in the first 6 min; after, the VMS Huskies then went on a run finishing the half 26 to 19. From there, turnovers, fast breaks and overpowering the paint was their MO. Hillcrest did pick up the energy in the last remaining minutes of the game, finishing strong.

The Saints scored a little over half of their points in the paint, with an average shot percentage of 37% inside the 3 point arc, with a shot percentage of 32% overall.

Valiant efforts, congratulate them on a hard played game

The final score was 58 to 40, VMS Huskies.