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Hillcrest Christian School Academic Overview

Hillcrest maintains the highest level of academic opportunity at every grade level.  Accredited by both ACSI and WASC, we hold ourselves accountable to others who validate our programs. The success of our programs is ultimately confirmed by the success of your children as they move from grade to grade and from high school to college. 

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Academics at Hillcrest

Hillcrest Christian School has six unique programs to meet the needs of Christian Families. Our programs include Hillcrest Preschool, Hillcrest Elementary School, Hillcrest Middle School, Hillcrest High School, Hillcrest Academy for homeschooling families, and English Language Development program for students from other countries. Our school has earned dual accreditation through both the Association of Christian Schools International and Western Associaton of Schools and Colleges. All of our programs focus on the  individual learning styles of our students and personal attention to each student’s needs.

From preschool, where our children are introduced to computers and foreign language, to high school where students are challenged by college preparatory and honors/advanced placement courses, Hillcrest’s rigorous standards are designed to prepare each student for the challenges of the next grade and to ultimately fulfill God’s plan for his or her life. From basic math to calculus, from ABC’s to European Literature and Composition, from the earliest glimpse of God’s created wonders to chemistry and physics, Hillcrest students are offered the highest level of academic curriculum.

The results are gratifying. The average SAT I score among Hillcrest’s senior class of 2016 was 561 Verbal, 598 Math, and 586 Writing. Hillcrest graduates have been accepted to such respected institutes of higher learning as Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Master’s College, UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of Notre Dame, University of Southern California, Baylor University, Dartmouth University, Penn State, and Pepperdine.

Accredited by ACSI and WASC

Philosophy of Education

The educational philosophy of Hillcrest Christian School is based on a God-centered view of life. This view holds that God created and sustains all things. All things, including man, are dynamically related to God and have the purpose of glorifying Him. Because man is a sinner by nature and choice, he cannot glorify or have a relationship with God on his own. He can do this only by choosing God’s gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, thereby committing his life to the lordship of Jesus Christ.

The God-centered view of life also holds that God communicates truth to man through the Bible. The Bible is the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God and is the standard for all Truth. Our primary aim is to assist Christian parents in their responsibility for the education and training of their children.

As such, Hillcrest Christian School will provide a rigorous academic instruction and numerous extra-curricular activities that are integrated with a God-centered view of life. The intent is to help students to develop their talents, abilities, and character to impact this world for the Lord. This philosophy requires that we promote high academic standards while helping students to achieve skills in creative and critical thinking using the best-integrated curriculum model available.

The curriculum will be taught by a qualified Christian faculty who will also serve as role models in their Christian walk. The objective of our instructional program is to enable the student to pursue the post-secondary education of their choosing, whether in college, university, or vocational training.

Our responsibility for the student encompasses the spiritual, mental, intellectual, physical, social, and emotional areas. These areas are inseparable and are all influenced by the truth that God is the center of life. Therefore, the Bible will not be taught as just another subject or on the intellectual level alone. Instead, the truth of God’s Word will be incorporated throughout the whole curriculum.

Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLR’s)

The faculty generated the following document during several in-service training periods to provide a measuring tool for evaluating our progress in reaching the objectives of our ESLRs ACTS: Authentic Christianity, Communication Skills, Teamwork, and Self-Directed Learning.

Objectives of Authentic Christianity Students will:

  • Volunteer to serve in school.
  • Volunteer to serve in the community.
  • Be willing to collect items for people in need.
  • Be able to articulate what bullying in school means.
  • Share with parents what took place in chapel on a given week.
  • Share with each other what they learned/experienced in chapel.
  • Talk to each other about topics raised in bible classes.
  • Recognize behavior on the playground that would demonstrate authentic Christianity.
  • Recognize behavior in the classroom that would demonstrate authentic Christianity.
  • Respect authority.
  • Respect each other.
  • Be able to articulate what the Fruit of the Spirit (monthly) looks like.
  • Be found returning money and lost articles.
  • Be seen sharing lunches Be seen demonstrating acts of kindness.
  • Be seen praying for each other.
  • Be heard initiating discussions about God.
  • Be seen sticking up for each other.
  • Be seen sharing Biblical truths.
  • Be seen cooperating on the playground.
  • Be seen displaying good sportsmanship.
  • Participate in Bible classes.
  • Engage in attentive behavior in the classroom.
  • Demonstrate academic honesty in completion of homework, quizzes, and tests.
  • Demonstrate integrity by accepting responsibility for their behavior and actions.
  • Be willing to withstand peer pressure, if necessary, to uphold biblical standards.
  • Apply the teachings of Jesus Christ as the source of truth and direction in all academic disciplines.
  • Successfully integrate Biblical truth into their academic studies.
  • Analyze and synthesize new information based on the knowledge and perspective of Biblical truth.

Teachers, parents, and visitors will report:

  • Cleaner campus – greater care of school on behalf of the students.
  • Students volunteering to help clean up after school or projects.
  • Less students on disciplinary probation Less student suspension.
  • Students respecting authority by not talking back to adults.

Objectives of Communication Skills Students will:

  • Read, write, speak and listen reflectively, creatively and critically.
  • Be able to read at grade level.
  • Be able to speak in front of the class.
  • Demonstrate good listening skills.
  • Participate in the speech meet.
  • Mature in their ability to articulate their thoughts.
  • Share the gospel in different media: writing, actions, and the spoken word.
  • Appreciate art and express themselves through the arts.
  • Listen objectively to others’ point of view.
  • Communicate through the written word, including through the use of technology.
  • Resolve conflicts in a courteous manner.
  • Show competence in expressing themselves through technological advances, beginning with upper elementary grades.
  • Articulate constructive criticism.
  • Improve peer editing skills.
  • Communicate their manners.
  • Express themselves with appropriate body language.

Teachers, parents, and visitors will report:

  • Students volunteering to answer by raising their hands.
  • Work, such as essays, which represents student thought.
  • Student confidence and competence in giving oral presentations.
  • Students exhibiting good manners.
  • Students resolving conflicts amongst themselves.
  • Less tattling.

Objectives of Teambuilding

  • Students will divide up the work evenly in a group setting.
  • Support one another in their weaknesses and strengths.
  • Negotiate to reach common goals.
  • Demonstrate respect for each other.
  • Resolve conflicts in a Godly manner.
  • Contribute individual efforts to help their group achieve a common goal.
  • Work in different sized groups.
  • Listen to hear other ideas and grow.
  • Learn to give and receive constructive criticism.
  • Learn that each member has a voice.
  • Show self control.
  • Learn to submit to authority within their peer group.
  • Be able to express their ideas and support them.
  • Maintain authentic Christian attitudes and behavior while working together.

Teachers, parents, and visitors will report:

  • Students working well in groups on the playground.
  • Students seen talking through their problems.
  • Students using the Matthew 18 principle to resolve conflicts.
  • Students respecting authority and each other.

Objectives of Self-Directed Learning Students will:

  • Do work without expecting a grade or credit.
  • Seek knowledge for the sake of gaining knowledge.
  • Identify a personal interest.
  • Research a topic using various media.
  • Be able to represent their findings to others.
  • Set goals, and work to achieve them.
  • Learn how to gather and organize information from a variety of sources, including the internet, to solve problems.
  • Be encouraged to dig deeper into a subject of interest to them.
  • Be seen reading books that are of interest to them during free time
  • Contribute outside items, ideas, and information on subject matter taught in the classroom.
  • Participate in talent shows.
  • Show freedom of choice in P.E.
  • Be able to read directions and follow them.

Teachers, parents, and visitors will report:

  • Children being able to answer their own questions through the use of media resources.
  • Students taking pride in sharing their research findings.
  • Students working independently.
  • An increase in the number of students using the library and computer lab during free time.
  • Students bringing in items from home to share.
  • Students seeking out knowledge at home.
  • Students asking questions which are extensions of the lesson.

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What Our Families Are Saying About Us

Testimonials from our current parents, alumni parents, and community friends.

Wonderful school!  Good, caring staff.

Joe Brandt

I absolutely value this Christian-focused education above all others.

Lisa Carigan

The individual attention is fantastic. The camaraderie and relationships of the entire family with the staff, students, and parents is positive and inviting. The level of academics has been great at levels we are at to this point. The experience my daughter has had in kindergarten is beyond anything we could have hoped for.

Tamryn Bua

Hillcrest is a great school. It's like a big family!

Marlene Castillo

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