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Q. What is the best way to learn more about HCS?
A. Schedule your FREE student success consultation.   Call to schedule: 805-497-7501 Ext 204.

Q. Spiritually speaking, what does HCS stand for?
A. HCS’s Statement of Faith is published on our school’s website and is attached.

Q. How is HCS unique among other choices of Christian schools?
A. Hillcrest’s uniqueness centers on several simple characteristics that have proven to serve our students and families well, since 1977. HCS’s mission statement is clear that the school is established to serve Christian families. Each student must have at least one parent that is a professing Christian. Families must exhibit a commitment a local church body of believers. This school-wide church background lays the foundation for a more unified approach as home and school partner together in the processes of child rearing and education. One component of this approach includes teaching from a Biblical worldview. We intentionally maintain a small-school environment that provides more personal attention as well as support for families. In addition to a small-school environment, class sizes are small to better assure adequate attention for each student. Academically, HCS provides an excellent academic program as indicated by historically outstanding college entrance test scores, an extensive list of colleges that HCS students are accepted into, and school-wide standardized achievement test results. Further, volunteerism or family involvement is extensive at HCS which research indicates is best for student success in school.

Q. What is accreditation and is HCS an accredited institution?
A. Accreditation is essentially a self-study completed by the school with an outside group of experts or accreditation team members visiting the school and evaluating based on their observations and the self-study, with a standard set of criteria for evaluation. HCS (preschool through high school is accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) and by ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International).  

Q. What athletic programs exist at HCS?
A. High school boys may participate in football, basketball, baseball, golf, cross-country, and track & field. High school girls sports include volleyball, basketball, golf, cross country, track & field, and cheerleading. Middle school boys are able to participate in flag football, basketball, golf, and soccer. Middle school girls have volleyball, basketball, golf, and soccer. Upper elementary boys participate in flag football, basketball, and soccer. Upper elementary girls can play volleyball, basketball, and soccer.

Q. What are your class sizes?
A.Preschool classes average 10-12 per class. Elementary school (K-6) average 14-18 per class. Middle school classes average 20-25 per class with high school classes averaging 14-18 per class.

Q. What are your test scores?
A.Please request a specific report indicating the average scores for kindergarten through grade 11 (SAT-10) or for graduating seniors (SATs for college admission).

Q. Will my child be able to get into the college of his/her choice?
A.The academic program provided for HCS students allows our graduates to enter prestigious universities throughout our country. Students who have followed our program requirements have been very successful in gaining acceptance into the college of their choice.

Q. Do I have to be a Christian? Does our family need to go to church to attend HCS?
A. Being a Christian is the goal for students who attend HCS. Our administration understands that developmentally, especially at younger ages, students may not have yet made a commitment to Jesus Christ. Older students will be asked to share who Jesus is and if they have made a commitment to Him. We do require that at least one parent be a committed Christian with regular church attendance. We desire that each family have a home church in which they are committed to attending, to learn, and to serve. HCS believes that the best environment for raising children is through the combined unity of home, church, and school.

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What Our Families Are Saying About Us

Testimonials from our current parents, alumni parents, and community friends.

I absolutely value this Christian-focused education above all others.

Lisa Carigan

The individual attention is fantastic. The camaraderie and relationships of the entire family with the staff, students, and parents is positive and inviting. The level of academics has been great at levels we are at to this point. The experience my daughter has had in kindergarten is beyond anything we could have hoped for.

Tamryn Bua

We love the education and that Christ is the center of all that is taught. The relationships that the teachers create with their students is priceless.  We love that the teachers and staff are all on the same page with us as in what we want for our children.  We love that there is so much love and mentoring there, it is a family.

Nanci Scully

Amazing Christian-based love and support for the kids. Skilled teachers and staff who keep the kids engaged and make learning fun. I'm not sure how any other school could match the commitment and call of the Hillcrest team!

Cord McQueen

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