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Spiritual Emphasis and Christian Character Development at Hillcrest


Spiritual Emphasis

Hillcrest Christian School exists to demonstrate that “the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom”. Daily biblical instruction is featured at all grade levels. In addition, chapel services are conducted weekly, featuring guest speakers, small group interactions and praise music led by the student Worship Bands.

During our annual “Spiritual Emphasis Week” we feature special speakers, and extended times of prayer, praise and personal ministry to encourage spiritual growth for students and faculty alike.

In the classroom the Christian worldview dominates each subject, from history to biology. Small class size and a staff of dedicated Christian teachers allow one-on-one attention to serving the building of Christian character for the students at Hillcrest Christian School.

Hillcrest is dedicated to providing a place where those who are dedicated to Christ may thrive academically, physically, socially and spiritually. Therefore, each enrolled student is required to have at least one parent sign our Statement of Christian Commitment. Exceptions to this standard are rare and must be approved by our principal.


Christian Character Development

Hillcrest strives to teach students what it means to be Christ followers, building character that is based on the truth of God’s Word rather than social norms. Teaching the moral values clearly defined in Scripture and focusing on the example Jesus set of loving and serving others will equip our students to grow and mature in their faith.

Based on our Biblical foundation, we have adopted an Honor Code that will provide an environment that is conducive to Christian growth and academic achievement.

  • To seek a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and accept the Bible as God’s word and the final authority on all matters of truth.
  • To respect, honor, and obey the authorities of this school in attitude and actions.
  • To respect the rights, privileges, property, and person of others.
  • To be a person of integrity.
  • To live a morally pure life.
  • To submit to the general disciplines of scripture.
  • To take the basic steps necessary to succeed as a student.
  • To fulfill my responsibilities and obligations as a student.

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What Our Families Are Saying About Us

Testimonials from our current parents, alumni parents, and community friends.

All three of our children graduated from Hillcrest. The school was integral in being a part of "our village" in raising our kids. The administrative leadership is second to none and the teaching staff is head's above any other I have ever encountered. The love and the joy of the Lord are present in all aspects of Hillcrest.

Melissa Dundas

The school offers a unique one-on-one environment for the students. Their small class size allows for a family like surrounding.

Mark Wiemann

Wonderful school!  Good, caring staff.

Joe Brandt

Amazing Christian-based love and support for the kids. Skilled teachers and staff who keep the kids engaged and make learning fun. I'm not sure how any other school could match the commitment and call of the Hillcrest team!

Mary McQueen

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