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Welcome to the Middle School Fall sports report 2013.

Middle School Flag Football

Our middle school flag football team has 12 members and is being coached by Kenny Thatcher and Ray Caldwell. Their team mentor and assistant coach is senior Teddy Rettinger. Just like the elementary flag team, our boys have a lot of talent and great attitudes. The coaches have been diligent about working with the boys every week to get them prepared for their games, and it definitely shows. Right now the boys are 5-1-1 in total games played. They have several games to go, but these boys are motivated and aggressive. Look out TVCAL!

Middle School Volleyball

Middle school volleyball is quite the athletic bunch! We have a 7th grade team, as well as an 8th grade team. Between the two teams we have a total of 23 girls, and both teams will most likely contend for the TVCAL title. This season the girls have been practicing all together as one group. The coaches include Coach Ward, Coach Julie Dimas, and Coach Blake Mueller. Volleyball has become a huge sport here at Hillcrest, and we pray it continues on this path. The girls now run a 4-2 offense effectively and will be very well prepared for the varsity level. So far, the 7th grade team has four wins and one loss, and the 8th grade team has four wins and two losses.