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With every school year, there is always a certain amount of expectant change that occurs during the year. Children grow taller, some lose teeth, others learn to drive, games are won and lost and new academic lessons are taught. During this past school year, Hillcrest families experienced many of these changes along with some unexpected changes ranging from new curriculum in the lower elementary classrooms, Accelerated Reading program added for all students and the retirement of our beloved Kathy Horan.

As we look to this next school year, there are several new things in the works. In the middle school, students will now have the opportunity to take a CEO Challenge computer class where they will develop entrepreneurial skills while learning how to use the computer as a tool to start and run their own business. An Introduction to French will be offered that will help middle school students develop a solid foundation of French with the goal of becoming fluent in high school. High school students will have new Bible classes to choose from, an opportunity to be apart of a Spiritual Leadership group, and the option to begin the day with an elective weight-lifting class. Elementary students will begin year two of Accelerated Reading and will continue using Chromebooks in their classrooms. Upper elementary students will begin the year with a new writing and English curriculum that will build upon what the they have learned in the early elementary grades. Throughout our school, there are numerous exciting academic changes on the horizon. This year, at the suggestion of parents, our elementary Back to School Night is moving to August 20th at 6:45pm, two days prior to the first day of school. This will be a great opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and to learn more of what is to come in the year ahead.

Even within this season of change for HCS, the most important thing has not changed … Jesus is still the center of Hillcrest Christian School. Hillcrest is still a place where Jesus is honored in thought and action, where students learn that their true identity is found only in Jesus because they are made in HIS image and where having a Biblical worldview is priority. Academically, our students will continue to be well-prepared for the next step in their educational journey because of dedicated teachers who strive for excellence and believe in challenging students to reach their full academic potential.

Yes, the name on the door of the principal’s office has changed, but the mission of HCS has not. The mission of Hillcrest Christian School continues to be the same – to serve Christian families by providing high quality Christian education and the training of well-rounded students who will impact the world for the Lord Jesus Christ. I will be praying for all of our families over the summer months. My prayer is that this season will provide a time of renewal and relaxation for each person, and that we all will grow in our desire to know and serve our LORD.

For HIS Glory,
Mrs. Hawkins